Who Should Apply?

The Master Program in Philosophy of Science (MA WP) is designed for students with various study backgrounds. Roughly, our students can be divided in two groups. 

On the one hand, the program is aimed at students who completed their undergraduate studies in philosophy or a closely related subject, whether as a major or a minor.  These students can expand and deepen their philosophical education with a special focus on questions in philosophy of science.  

On the other hand, the program is aimed at students who have an undergraduate degree in a relevantly related subject in the natural sciences, life sciences, social sciences, or humanities, and who are interested in philosophical questions going beyond what can commonly be addressed from within their respective disciplines.  Topics here include the theoretical foundations of the respective science (its ontological prerequisites, its epistemological conditions, its concepts, argumentations, methods, practices) or in the ethical implications of the sciences (its social effects, its political regulation, its prospects, risks, challenges, limits).