The Master Program in Philosophy of Science has been established at the Leibniz Universität in 2013.  The program offers academic training that builds analytic and critical thinking skills, thus preparing students for academic and research-related occupations both within and outside a university setting. (see Career Prospects).  

The MA program offers courses in core areas of contemporary philosophy, including metaphysics, epistemology, and philosophy of mind as well as value theory.  The program has a special focus on philosophy and ethics of science.  

The program places special emphasis on close interactions among its faculty and students.  The interdisciplinary backgrounds of students and faculty are especially well suited to philosophical investigation of the sciences and their place in society.  in the sciences and humanities. Early in the program, students will form groups that will work independents on problems and questions in philosophy of science. Students will develop research and presentation skills, participate in cutting-edge research, gain insight into career paths, and deepen and widen their understanding of philosophy.